Another Update

August 21st, 2021 + 4:08 AM  ·  PuppetXeno


My online music activities have now completely moved to SoundCloud

It took some time but I find that the community is really supportive; the format is different from BandAmp in that it has no actual forum, but commenting on one another his or her tracks really hits that spot that BandAmp had to offer too.

It is a bit different - at least in the way I used to use BandAmp and how I am using SoundCloud. On BandAmp, I felt inclined to offer critique on technical stuff, whether it was on songwriting, performance or productiono techniques - even though it may have helped some people, I also figure that people upload their stuff simply to share it, and I comment exclusively on the parts that resonate with me.

So if there is a track with a shabby vocal production, I will not call it out; I will not offer an idea to mix things better UNLESS the artist asks for it, for instance if the song description states that he or she had trouble mixing the vocals. Only then would I offer advice (and only IF I have any!)

Similarly I find it not okay if someone comments on conscious mixing or production choices (so often heard like Your vocals are too far in the back/too much effect;  --- any one ever figure that this is as intended? De-clog thine ears...

Commenting on the things that resonate, stressing the stuff that works for me, provides a positive feedback loop, empowers and sets things in motion. So now that I have daily contact on SoundCloud with very talented musicians from all colours and styles, while the old Amp, charming as it is and for all it meant to me, I can only view it as a museum piece by now - a monument, central to the main hall, for sure. But for me, functionally as a musician, the upgrade has been made.

Be seeing you.. I do visit musea, sometimes

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